OC+A takes you beyond form, beyond function, and into the art of living and working environments.

OC+A begins all projects by endeavoring to understand their clients needs. After thoroughly understanding the client, the design builds upon that knowledge to produce projects and deliver services appreciated by both the client and the architect. It is through this process that OC+A becomes a trusted advisor: OC+A is about making the best creation of each client's vision. It is by pulling together employees that support the vision, mission and values of OC+A that client visions are transformed into outstanding projects and services, and long-term relationships.


To provide outstanding service and architectural designs to increasingly diverse market sectors.


The mission of OC+A is straight-forward. It is to identify and understand its client's needs and deliver high quality designs and services to meet those needs.


OC+A values include:

  • Understanding a client's needs, establishing a trusting relationship, and providing services that exceed expectations.
  • Offering leadership that selects and administers top quality teams.
  • Fostering a responsible and accountable attitude that promotes a successful outcome.
  • Creating a supportive work environment that nurtures creativity and excellence in employees.
  • Focusing on environmentally and ecologically friendly and sustainable structures.
  • Enhancing organizational processes that promote an integrated and collaborative process.
We think that designing and building are not only innovative and creative, but fun and fulfilling. They established a firm with the size, technology, and culture for successful relationships and projects. While offering the experience for well considered solutions, OC+A retains the flexibility, energy, and creativity of a forward-thinking and expanding firm.